Buckle up and begin your Jurassic journey with an exhilarating 4x4 off-road trip along the old historic LaSal Cattle Trail. Ascend nearly 1000 feet above Moab's valley floor up to Raven's Rim and tour the one-of-a-kind red rock fins via our SIX epic Zip Lines. Along the way you will see authentic dinosaur tracks and rare geological features. Walk along craters in the stone on Swiss Cheese Ridge; test your nerve by crossing our 100-Foot Suspension Bridge; and take in some of the most beautiful views Moab has to offer. You can even play our Scavenger Hunt to discover hidden gems throughout the tour and learn about the unique history of Moab and Raven's Rim. Then wrap it up with the 4x4 off-road trip back down to our office on Main Street where kids can pick up their free souvenir!
But it doesn't end there...

You will discover even more about Moab's prehistoric past with your Discovery Pass to Moab Giants Paleo Safari & 3D Aquarium! Take a tour through their mind-blowing 3D Aquarium; explore their interactive Museum; and walk among life-sized dinosaurs. With a fantastic on-site diner, you can even have lunch right there with the Giants!


-SIX amazing Zip Lines
-100-Foot Suspension Bridge
-4x4 Off-Road Excursion
-See authentic Dinosaur Tracks
-Play our Scavenger Hunt 
-Discovery Pass to Moab Giants Paleo Safari & 3D Aquarium
-Kids get a free souvenir! 


Moab, Utah